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Fall Equinox

As we celebrated the first day of fall yesterday, this was the moment. My daughters and I headed to our beautifully forested back yard for a walk. My girls are so zen in the woods and we both needed the peace from the witching hour. As I grabbed my carrier for my almost one year old, my three year old chittered with glee as she ran to grab her ‘backpack’ too. With all 50 pounds of them strapped to me, I grabbed a lock of courage as we set out. On our loop we hit this small stretch of trail that is my personal favorite. My 3 year whispered in my ear, mommy, run!! I laughed at her ha no way I can run with you too. So she begged to get down. I took her down, and she bolted, barefoot, down the hill, shining with pure wild freedom and happiness. That is the magic. Our fierce protector trotted after her. This was my most treasured moment

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