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Baby Goatsss!!!

It is here, that beautiful time in the season when the the baby goats arrive!! How can you resist two delicate pounds of spunk?? We are so grateful to our friends over at Little Avalon Farm who allowed us to pop in for one of their births this year. They have incredible holistic skills I am so grateful to be learning, and this of course applies to birth! Here you will find loving care from Little Avalon’s whole family (people, livestock guardians, and goat herd included) all gather around in support of the birthing does. So beautiful to watch the love turn to excitement as we all bounce around the kids (baby goats) entering this world!

This photo was snapped of V’s first baby goat siting. I was not able to see it, but am so thankful for the captured memory!
Thank you Megan @ Little Avalon!                                                                  

This beautiful doe, Penny, had a long labor. After some assistance from her human momma in turning an ill positioned kid, she birthed 4 beautiful healthy babies! We loved Penny so much, we squealed with joy  when she came available this spring to add to our farm! And of course, how can you buy just one more? Her friend Esme, who was also in labor that day, will be coming home with us, too! These are incredibly hardy and productive bloodlines we couldn’t resist adding to our farm!

And, speaking of which, how could we say no to this little buckling? He is a powerhouse of milking genetics with a momma described by Little Avalon as the perfect homesteading goat. Momma Cleo is a wonderful, hearty doe with a beautiful strong body, incredible milk production, mothering skills, and sweet to boot. Excitedly we said yes! to bringing him home to add to our breeding program.

Check out the rest of Little Avalon’s kids available over on their website! Quality stock for your family homestead or breeding program!

Our existing girls were bred earlier this year and due in June! We are over the moon in anticipation to welcome our first babies to the farm! A combination of my love for birth and love for goats seems to be the magical formula!! Goat midwifing, here I come!!

And last but not least, our lavender maran decided to join the egg laying crew!! Look at this beautiful dark color!! Yes they do all taste the same, but the color fun sure brings a smile to my face!

We are gearing up for a big hatching season this year and expect to have lots of baby chicks, baby ducks and baby goslings! All of our birds are in full mating swing around here, diligently seeking those perfect nests. Be sure to follow along with us!

Much love from Gratitude Farm <3

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    1. So exciting! So much love and fun! Love seeing my 3 girls loving and enjoying the farm life! 😘

    2. Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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