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Self Care

As I write this, I am enjoying the pleasantries of a minty face mask and feeling so wrapped up in love and inspiration. 

Coming up on a year, I began my personal highly benchmarked accomplishment of making raw goats milk soap… and it was from my very own mini dairy goat herd. Aging is funny, it is actually such a wonderful opportunity to take those big steps into the shoes we dream of wearing, and wearing them. And then walking in them. 

I will never forget in 2012 while on vacation in Hawaii when I first stepped foot into a luxury body care store. I instantly fell in love and wanted it all! Though my pocket book told me no. Over the years I researched relentlessly and drooled over the ‘cult classics.’ I grew my own small collection I fell in love with. These became my go to Christmas gifts for the ones I loved to enjoy those ‘treat yourself’ items. Soon I couldn’t help but began a tradition of treating myself during Christmas shopping season too, of my very favorites. I savored every mask applied to my face, inch of my body scrubbed and polished, and the ridiculously soft skin that make me feel like a million bucks. But the ingredients really weren’t up to par for my sometimes over obsessive organic clean demands. Finally, I couldn’t bring myself to spend those hard earned dollars on products that I knew weren’t truly good for me with all of those preservatives, dyes, and even parabens. How could this luxury ‘healthy’ skin care be filled with these toxic ingredients? So I finally stopped using it. And those fleeting self care moments became none existent. 

Self care is so so important. I especially resonate with us moms with kids, giving them our all and feeling totally empty by the end of the day. Resources of time and money are limited and must be spent with great care. 

Enter the idea of creating, something I love to do, with the ingredients I feel good about and trust on my skin. Starting a small holistic body care line has gifted me with so much. Spending time creating something with my hands I am proud of. The opportunities to challenge and push myself in so many ways. And huge, unexpected rewards taking me places I thought I’d never be headed outside of my personal dreamland. 

Tonight, rather than feel that seasonal sadness of not ordering those favorite products, I decided to do some research and recreate with my own twist those favorite products I adore. And the reward is gold! I am having so much fun enjoying these moments of self love and was so inspired I had to write it all down. <3 

Believe. Chase dreams. Take some time for you, if only a little. Sending all the love. 

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