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Shampoo Bars, taking the plunge

Would you believe if told you that I made my first shampoo bars nearly a year ago and have never tried them?? Try as I might to love clean body care, and the allure of no waste packaging, I haven’t been convinced. I have very long hair and try to keep low fuss in my washing routine. I try to wash once a week but often go even longer and end up with a huge giant mess of tangle. I just don’t love my hair care routine and haven’t spent the time to change that.

Today I finally tried the shampoo bar I made for my first time ever trying one. Oh my goodness, LOVE!! It lathered more than the ‘natural’ shampoos, leaving my hair clean and soft and not feeling stripped of oils. I did have to spend a bit more time rubbing each section but this left it feeling even cleaner and more nourished.

Now the final touch to shampoo bars is apple cider vinegar rather than conditioner. This is crazy. Totally crazy. I have been on a quest to create healing baths, and came across vinegar baths. I began adding vinegar to mine and the girls baths a few weeks and could not believe the results of our skin and their hair! I plunged into an apple cider vinegar rinse to finish off my hair and adore the results.

My hair has life again! I am so excited with these results and looking forward to exploring and perfecting (well aiming) for the very best line up for your hair care too! Stay tuned!

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  1. I am so excited about this!!

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