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DIY Chest Rub

As a momma who is equipped with a passion for healing, I am so excited to reach into my herbal arsenal when I have a kiddo in need! Winter always seems to bring waves and waves of illness- lots of practice for our immune system! One of our recent waves consisted of some yucky chest congestion.

My first reach was for some frozen elderberries to make up our homemade elberry syrup. You can find the recipe for that HERE

Tiny helping hands

Next step, a DIY chest rub. I have just been scoping out a new recipe from Plant Therapy and had some new essential oils on hand to try. Kids and chest rubs are always a bit tricky- eucalyptus is an immediate go to for congestion, BUT it is widely known as not being kid safe. Enter a new to me form of eucalyptus, eucalyptus dives, that is KID SAFE!

Plant Therapy is always my go to for third party tested, quality essential oils. They have a lovely blog chock full of recipes and DIY’s. Here is the link for the inspiration on this Plant Therapy recipe. While I did use the general recipe, I could tell right away that there was way to much beeswax in this. Here is my altered recipe below which will create a nice and soft salve that is easy to apply:

  1. Over a double boiler melt together the beeswax and tallow (or coconut oil)
  2. Remove from heat and cool to 140 degrees, then stir in your essential oils.
  3. Pour into tins.
  4. Allow to cool fully
  5. A shelf life of 1 year when stored in a cool and dark place

Sweet baby T fell asleep during the salve making

Freshly poured salves

Thank you for following along with me! I hope you find this DIY helpful. Let me know if you try and it and what you think of the recipe!

<3 Krystal @ Gratitude Farm

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  1. I would love to sign up for your seasonal box. What is in it?

    1. Hi Yvonne! Here is the link to sign up:…subscription-box/

      There is a description on the link as well. Partially, the box is a surprise! But it will always include a moisturizer, soap, and lip balm. It will also always at least total if not surpass the value <3

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