English Lavender Orpingtons

English lavender orpington
chickens- a flock! These are huge, sweet natured birds that are jaw dropping gorgeous! With a small amount of imagination, you can see why they are called lavender colored. The roos are my favorites around, but don’t let their large size fool you-they are incredibly friendly even with children. I am special friends with my birds and truly adore this breed. Hens have strong maternal instincts and go broody once or twice a year. They raise their chicks with the upmost care. Hens lay a light tan egg that at times comes out pink and occasionally have speckles. Because of their size, they also make a great dual purpose choice. Though we don’t regularly eat these birds, I like to always have plan B’s on the farm for self sufficiency if needed, and these are definitely big enough to make a good meal.

We hatched our first English lavenders ourselves from a local breeder in 2020, and are working to continue to improve the breed. 2022 we searched high and low for the best representation of the breed and brought in hatching eggs from Brickhouse poultry out of North Carolina to diverse our flock.

During the spring we offer hatching eggs and straight run baby chicks for purchase from our farm. We do not ship at this time.

Muscovy ducks are well adored here. They are also new to the farm as of 2020. We can’t get enough of their fun personalities and are certainly looking forward to spring ducklings! They also taste delicious, these are raised her as pets and meat.

Egg layer flock is ever evolving. Pretty egg colors certainly put a smile on our faces. We have ambitions to broaden this are as time goes on. These guys were the first to the farm in 2019, we moved them out here with us from the city life. They certainly have adjusted well and are happy with all of the room to free range! Eggs for breakfast every morning with homemade bread is a staple here!