Forest School

Forest School covers a wide variety of topics including wild foraging, plant and mushroom identification, personal care making, frontiersman-ship, survivalism, animal husbandry, land caretaking, all through free play and movement. I believe nature is the very best teacher. Together we form community and friendships, moms and kids alike. This is a space for exploration, adventure, and magic.

We meet weekly and have a current theme for the week based on what’s in season around us.
Sample class ideas:
Herb harvesting
Wild edible plant foraging
Mushroom hunting
Shelter building
Fire making
Scavenger hunt
Journey sticks
Team games
Craft making
Animal husbandry
Bonus classes
Sourdough bread making
Soap making
Evening campfire and star watching
Also, we would love for other members to share their skills with the group!
Things to know:
Our camp has seasonal bathrooms and a sink to wash your hands
Please bring your own water bottles, snacks, hand sanitizer, bug spray and sun screen!
Wear shoes and clothes to comfortably play and explore in. No promises they won’t get dirty or ruined!
Please leave your pets at home, we have plenty here to share.
We have a zero tolerance policy for intentionally hurting our animals. Please be kind and watch that your kiddos are too.
Come enjoy nature alongside community, pick a wildflower for your hair, and BE
Our Forest School is currently full. In the future, we may have room for new members.