Body Care FAQ

As a researcher, I always love discovering the FAQ’s on a website to really dive in on some deep details. Without further delay, here they are! Or you can catch me in person at a market and I will be glad to chat your ear off about holistic body care and what is means!

Our Ingredients: We have chosen ingredients we feel have the most vitamin and mineral rich, restorative properties, for your skin. Clean ingredients that actually feel luxurious. This was a need we were missing in our lives, as natural and luxury rarely meet. Our adorable mini dairy goat herd are herbal managed and free-choice hand milked for our goats milk soap bars. Our herbal infusions are made mostly from herbs organically grown on our farm, or wild forest foraged from our property. Our second choice for sourcing is from trusted local farmers (and friends!) Most of our herbal decorations are also grown here, too, like our dried flowers. Essential oils add a bang of both physical and emotional healing. When we say holistic care, we mean good for your body and spirit. We proudly use third party tested Plant Therapy essential oils for all of our leave on products. Refilling our cups with self care is so, so important and helps us to succeed at being our best selves! All of our products are preservative free, fragrance free, mica free, palm free, and paraben free. Did I miss any frees? 

Handmade: All of our body care products are handmade right here at Gratitude Farm, in the mountains, in our lovely little Soapery. Small batch, hand crafted with love!

Our packing: We try to be as earth friendly as possible. Our soap labels are printed on plantable North American wildflower see paper that is handmade in Seattle. We also use these as often as we can for gift tags! Body butters and lotion jars are carefully packaged in reusable glass jars. We are working on ways we can implement a jar exchange system that reuses the jars for a safe to burn beeswax and tallow candle! We do not reuse jars for body care refills. I just cannot feel safe about refilling and knowing that they are clean enough, no matter how many times I wash them. Thus the jar exchange candle refill is born. This is in a testing phase and should be available soon!

Thank you so very much for supporting my small business. It truly makes a difference in my families life as we chase our dreams of connecting us all to nature for deep, lasting health.