Magnesium Oil Spray

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Magnesium supports over 300 functions in the body, making it crucial for your overall health. Yet most of us are deficient in this mineral. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin. Harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel, this hand crafted magnesium oil will help restore what has been lost with our modern farming practices that have radically reduced magnesium levels.

To apply, simply spray 10-20 sprays per day. Magnesium helps to sooth tired and sore muscle  and can be applied in areas needed most. Popular applications include legs, arms, and also on the stomach. You may experience an itchy feeling after applying. This is said to be a sign of magnesium deficiency. You may choose to wipe off the oil after 20-30 minutes, or apply a moisturizer to help relieve itching. Try following with your whipped tallow body butter, or our lotion bars.

This product is unscented and comes in a 4 ounce amber glass bottle.

Magnesium oil also works as a natural deodorant. Spray 2-3 under arms as needed. Your body may need to detox if you have been using conventional deodorants, and results may improve with use.

Ingredients: Magnesium from the Dead Sea, filtered water

2 reviews for Magnesium Oil Spray

  1. stefaniehowerton

    RELAXING and convenient for when I don’t have time to take an Epsom salt bath!

  2. mattandemily.johnson (verified owner)

    This product has been a lifesaver for pregnancy aches and nighttime muscle cramps! Makes a huge difference!!

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